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Singapore Official Trusted 4D Lottery, 4D Result & Online Betting System

Official Trusted 4D Lottery Online Casino Singapore | Magnum 4D, Sports Toto, Damacai & Singapore Pools Online 4D Results | Get Your Lucky Win 4D Number in 3King Lotto Betting System

Fast Tricks & Tips for winning online 4D Lottery.

Placing Bets to Win Big: Online 4D Lottery Trick & Tips

The narration of this article is to foster gamers with a better understanding of fast Tricks & Tips for winning the online 4D lottery. Please be mindful that the “Tricks & Tips” quote here are for better improvement of playing the game if you need any further explanation kindly contact our 24/7 customer service team for any further help. Nevertheless, we hope by publishing these tricks & tips will allow you to have a good fast start into the journey of translating your intuition luck into real cash with 3King 4D Lottery Online Betting Casino.

Yes, your chance to live reward yourself with instant gratification is just a bit of lucky number away. With whooping estimation of more than $93 billion global online industry revenue, any individual who engages in this game are literally buying themselves a chance of winning the jackpot and an opportunity to changes to have lives overnight. After all this is just another side bet of leveraging luck beside diligently conform into the Rat Race like the other.

Sneak peek on the 4D Lottery Game

4D Lottery Game is a simple game of taking chance with a dash of luck. Gamers are to pick a 4-digit combination of number ranging from 0000 to 9999, e.g. 0123, 1223, 2233, 4567 or 8899.Once players have decided on the number choice, he/she then have 2 choices of betting.

Direct betting based on intuition choice of 4 digits

  • Choose to play “Big Forecast” or “Small Forecast”.
  • 4D Lotto results come with 23 different combinations of 4 digits result, these 23 results are separated into 5 tiers of pay-out, which are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, followed by 10 results for special categories and 10 results for consolation categories. The pay-out illustrated below are based on the value of RM1.00 betting.
  • The variance between the 2 different mentioned forecasts are on the bet payout ratio and also the category of result claim.

Big Forecast : 1st-$2,000, 2nd-$1,000, 3rd-$500, Special-$200, consolation-$60
Small Forecast : 1st-$3,500, 2nd-$2,000, 3rd-$1,000

If you buy Big Forecast – you’re eligible to win the Special and Consolation Prizes. This gives you 23 winning chances.
If you buy in Small Forecast – you’re NOT eligible for the Special or Consolation Prizes. This gives you only 3 winning chances, but the pay-out is higher.

In facts our 4D Lottery is not much different from the 4-Digits, Pick 4 or 4D games from USA, Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore. The fundamental of the games is still based on the betting of 4D combination odds lottery game.

Other options of playing the 4D Lottery

Lucky Pick Play Alternatively

For those who have a gut feeling of let luck take its own path or “fate” dictate and flow style. You may choose our “Lucy Pick” option of betting.

This Lucky Pick 4D Lottery option will be something like how famous café serves the “Coffee of the day style”, you allow our computer to generate the random numbers according to the number of combinations you would like to bet.

Sometime luck may miss us by inches and for those who want to have a better grip of luck you may net the lucky number with multiply combination odds possibilities. Gamers are also allowed to leverage on our auto permutation play, with this option you can buy all the possible digit combinations, in all their different orders with ease.

Sample of Permutation combination based on number odd;
  • With 4 unique digits, e.g. 1234 you will have 24 permutations (Minimum buy RM24)
  • With 3 unique digits, e.g. 2263 you will have 12 permutations (Minimum buy RM12)
  • With 2 unique digits with each appearing twice, e.g. 3388 you will have 6 permutations (Minimum buy RM6)
  • With 2 unique digits 1 digit appearing thrice, e.g. 6888 you will have 4 permutations (Minimum buy RM4)
MBox Play

With this variation, your bet 4D number is already auto permutated within a single buy. Take note, however, that since your winning chances are greatly increased, the prize money is reduced.The mBox Play with the number of permutations. In this example, if 3764 is a winning number, you’ll win because that’s a permutation of 4763.

Sample of pay-out:

Big Forecast mBox-24 mBox-12 mBox-6 mBox-4

  • 1st Prize $105 $209 $417 $625
  • 2nd Prize $42 $84 $167 $250
  • 3rd Prized $21 $42 $84 $125
  • Consolation $8 $15 $30 $45
  • Special $3 $5 $10 $15

Small Forecast

  • 1st Prize $146 $292 $584 $875
  • 2nd Prize $84 $167 $334 $500
  • 3rd Prized $42 $84 $167 $250

4D Lottery Differences & similarity among continents

Due to cultural & regulation variance, Malaysia 4D & Singapore 4D have a certain degree of difference & also similarity. The fast tricks and tips on winning 4d lottery are different from one location to the other


1) 4D Draws Time: Both Malaysia & Singapore 4D Draws fall on Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday but for Malaysia 4D – occasionally there will be a special draw.
2) Both countries also only allow practice strict regulations on 18 limits for players, only 18 years old are allow to involve with the game directly or indirectly.
3) Both Malaysia & Singapore 4D games result have 23 sets of winning numbers for players to match their luck.
4) All the draw process is practice with good integrity and the pay-out are guarantee. For those who choose to bet at “Lucky” pick, this fairness in integrity is vital as the players also stand and equal chance to win the bet.


1) Malaysia players have more choices from local 4D providers in comparison: you can find Sports TOTO, Magnum, Da Ma Chai and some other providers like Sabah and Sarawak 4D.
2) 4D Malaysia are allowed with much more special draws besides the regular Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday draws
3) For Singapore only: During the actual draw, a member of the public is called forth to press the start switch on the control panel. The balls spin until one is sucked into the groove under each cylinder. This continues until all 23 sets of winning numbers have been drawn. (Kindly take note that the explanation here is referring to offline Singapore 4D provider).

How to place your lucky 4D Bets In Online Betting Singapore

The minimum betting stake is $1.

  • At the lottery homepage, select the 4D bets.
  • Choose the type of bet from the dropdown list. Your options are System Entry, Ordinary and 4D Roll.
  • Select the days for which you're placing your bet. You can choose multiple days for other types of bets, but only a single draw for 4D Roll.
  • Enter your bet numbers and enter the big or small stake bet. There’s an option where the system can select random numbers for you.
  • For ordinary Roll Bet option, you may choose 3 digits. The fourth one will be replaced by R. This Roll play allows the machine to help you generate 10 different combinations, players will need to pay for each number generated. ($1 bet on Roll play will cost you $10)
  • Repeat the steps to add boards to the same bet type, each to a maximum of 10 boards.
  • Select “add to bet slip” to line up your bets, but this doesn’t place them yet.
  • Confirm that your bet slip reflects your perfect selection before selecting "place bet."
  • Select “decline” if you’re sure yet with the bets, or “accept” to confirm placement.

Once you’ve completed the process, you can track your bets from the transaction history.

For the result of the day, you may check it on our website.

Lucky Charm & Responsible gaming advice

With the fast tricks & tips of winning the lottery, you have a good brief on how to translate your inspirational number to cash converting potential. Yes, now you can easily monetise your Lucky Charm or gut feel Luck into a dream.

To our mature gamers, we would like to advise you to practice responsible gaming as there isn’t anyone will be always a guarantee of winning. Please take this 4D game as a form of entertainment and not the key source of wages earner. The 4D lottery is only popular at certain location of the continent and many gamers have able to take it as a form of control and responsible gaming during spare time or lucky day best bet.

For 24/7support staff, we have stand-by our dedicated team to attend to your needs.

Thank you so much and – we wish you the best of fun betting & best of luck.